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Whether You’ve Moved Before or it’s Your First Time Buying a Home, Help is at Hand!

If you’re buying a home, help from a licensed conveyancer will get you your dream home, without the headaches.

Whether it’s your first time buying a home, or you’re an experience “mover”,  you will need a specialist solicior for buying a house. PDR Property Lawyers can take away the stresses and strains, ensuring that buying your home is a smooth and hassle-free process!

Total Focus from a Licensed Conveyancer

When you call PDR on 01733 203873, you’ll speak to a qualified licensed conveyancer who can handle all the responsibilities traditionally associated with a solicitor.

And unlike a high street solicitor, because we only deal with buying and selling properties for people like you you’ll get a truly dedicated service, and quicker results.

What Happens Next?

Once you’ve found your dream home call PDR Property Lawyers on 01733 203873, or contact us here.

We’ll offer you a no-obligation price proposal for our services and answer all your questions. When you’re happy to proceed, PDR will:

  • Send a Letter of Engagement – sign and return this so we can start working for you!
  • Check whether you’re selling a home, too – “tying” the two transactions together can save you money and make your move even smoother
  • Contact your seller’s solicitors – we’ll review the contract and all documents relating to your new home, and let you know about anything that could cause you difficulties later on… then we’ll help you decide the best way to proceed, and submit any enquiries that need to be made to put your mind at rest.
  • Review your mortgage offer – we’ll check you have the right finance in place to ensure there are no hold-ups
  • Invite you to sign your contract – once you’re happy with all the information regarding your purchase, we’ll ask you to sign your contract… you’re nearly there now!
  • Oversee the exchange of contracts – at this point, you are legally committed to complete the purchase… as is the seller.
  • Draw up your transfer deed – as soon as you’ve exchanged contracts, this deed will transfer the home into your name. At this stage, we’ll ensure that all your expenses are resolved and prepare you for the final stage…
  • Take you through “completion” – simply a matter of ensuring that you and the seller have completed your sides of the contract and that you’ve paid in full for the property. Once that’s done, we’ll liaise with the seller’s solicitor to have the keys dropped off with the estate agent, and you’re free to start moving in to your new home!

As a rule of thumb, this process will take approximately 6 to 8 weeks. During that time, we’ll keep in touch with you, letting you know what’s happening at each stage. And of course if you have any questions, you can contact us at any time… knowing we’ll give you a plain English, jargon-free answer!

So if you’ve spotted your dream home, request a copy of our Free Home Buyers’ Guide, and call us today on 01733 203873 for an obligation-free chat about how we can help you, or email us here. You can also get an online conveyancing quote from our experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. If you’re buying or selling a property you will need to instruct a conveyancer or property lawyer. With all the legal steps involved you need expert advice and support to make sure everything is completed professionally and that your rights and assets are protected.

There are different definitions of first-time buyer, but if you’re hoping to save money on a property purchase, by not paying Stamp Duty for instance, you’ll need to know what the government’s definition is. If you’ve never owned a property you are the definition of a first-time buyer. If you’ve owned commercial property, but never owned a residential property, then you too are classed as a first-time buyer.