new build conveyancing

New Build Conveyancing

The new build conveyancing process can be complex. But, with the right new build conveyancer by your side, you can get things moving more quickly. This buying option allows you to buy a property situated on a brand-new development. The property doesn’t even have to be built yet. You agree to a sale based on plans.

Before exchanging contracts, the contract documentation needs to be checked thoroughly to ensure that there are no special covenants restricting the use of the property. This is also to check if you have adequate rights of way over the new roads being constructed.

If there are any contract specifications that haven’t been fulfilled, we can contact the builder’s lawyer on your behalf. Builders usually have the right to make minor variations. However, our property lawyers can let you know whether the differences are a breach of contract.

As there is often no fixed deadline, you may require a completion date on notice. If you have a related sale, you may have to look into moving into rented accommodation, as your buyer may not want to wait for your new build property to be built.

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Let Our Conveyancers Help You

We offer a no completion, no fee service. That means if your sale or purchase falls through, you won’t have to pay a penny. We can help you navigate the tight-rope walk of buying a new build. Sign up for our award-winning property conveyancing service today.

There are plenty of benefits to buying a brand-new home, and it’s a great option for first-time buyers. However, there are a few hurdles that other house-buying options don’t have. For more information, refer to our comprehensive new build property buying guide.

What’s The New Build Conveyancing Process?

The new build conveyancing process can have many twists and turns. But, in a nutshell, this is the standard process that is followed:

  • Find a new build development and choose a property
  • Reserve your home with a reservation fee
  • Time to talk to a trusted new build conveyancer
  • Get your paperwork organised and agree to a mortgage
  • Wait for the property to be completed
  • Once it’s ready, a completion date can be agreed
  • Complete the purchase and move in!
  • Check for snags (defects or inconsistencies with the original plan)

Other considerations and steps in the process include the following:

Send a Letter of Engagement – Sign and return our terms and conditions of business, so we can start working for you!

Are you selling as well as buying? – Tying the two transactions together can save you money and make your move even smoother. However, with no fixed completion date, this is something you should consider when buying a new build.

Contact your seller’s property lawyer – We’ll review all the documents relating to your new home and discuss everything you should expect when buying a new build… then we’ll help you decide the best way to proceed.

Review your mortgage offer – If you are buying a home that is in the process of being built, your mortgage offer may be issued ‘subject to final inspection’.

Invite you to sign your contract – Once we have received all documentation from the builder’s lawyer, and are satisfied with the contract documentation, we will send you a Contract Report along with the Contract documentation for you to sign.

Oversee the exchange of contracts – At this point, the contract becomes legally binding. When the new build property is finished, the mortgage funds can be released to us. The deadline for the exchange of contracts is usually four weeks from the receipt of draft documents by us, or from the date your offer is accepted. However, most of the time, the deadline for exchange of contracts can be extended.

Final steps to move in – In most cases, completion is simply a matter of ensuring that you and the seller have completed your sides of the contract and that you’ve paid in full for the property.Once that’s done, we’ll liaise with the seller’s property lawyer to have the keys dropped off with the estate agent. Then, you’re free to move into your new home! If the surveyor is not satisfied with the build for any reason, you may not be able to complete the purchase. This is unlikely to happen, but if it does, you would be in breach of contract with the builder. This means you could possibly lose your deposit, or even be sued for any other losses which the builder has incurred. We will ensure all your questions are answered and mitigate any damages.

How Long Does the New Build Conveyancing Process Take?

Purchases come with more complex conveyancing as there are more risk factors involved. However, a good conveyancer should be able to organise a ‘long-stop’ completion date where the developer must agree to have the build finished and ready to hand over.

Completion usually takes place 10 working days after the developer has finished the building work and the property has been approved as structurally safe.

Why Choose PDR?

As there is no guarantee with a new build, you’ll want to know that you’re in good hands with an experienced new build conveyancer.

We offer plenty of benefits, including:

  • No completion, no fee
  • Instant conveyancing quote
  • Efficient service
  • Award-winning conveyancers

Get an instant new build conveyancing quote, discuss your property goals, and enjoy regular updates by telephone and/or email today.

Our Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Jerry Barrasso
Jerry Barrasso
Many thanks to Robyn and Michelle. A family crisis required our sale to exchange and complete on the same day at short notice. This was achieved by Robyn at great relief to myself and my family. I would not hesitate to recommend PDR Property lawyers and will be appointing them again in the next three months or so to manage another sale for me. Thank you Jerry Barrasso.
Immortal Noz
Immortal Noz
Absolutely superb service from start to finish, would highly recommend and will definitely use them again.
Tom Knell
Tom Knell
Michelle at PDR walked myself and my family through this process for the first time and took all the stress away. Very clearly communicated all requirements and helped as requested. Would highly recommend!!
Karan Maheshwari
Karan Maheshwari
I regret!!!!!! Why I didn't found them any sooner. I buy and sell property every now and then and have used few solicitors, and my experience so far has been best with PDR. The entire team and Robyn, my conveyancer for last transaction was amazing throughout. Communication, timeliness and clarity everything was spot on. The transaction went through so smoothly I just couldn't believe. The pricing is very reasonable. I hope they'll keep the same standards in future. Thanks a lot to everyone at PDR.
Saket Srivastava
Saket Srivastava
Absolutely professional service that I would always remember. Helped me throughout the buying process last summer (2021) even when the seller party was not engaging very well and taking really long to respond and frustrating us every step of the way. Fortunately PDR has a no sale no fee policy, so they have a genuine interest in completing sale. Final icing on the cake was the way they helped me catch the 30th June deadline of stamp duty holiday when my seller just suddenly announced 3 days before the deadline that they are willing to exchange contract and complete. Exchange was done next day but Grace, Tina and Robyn went out of the way to secure funds from my mortgage provider and get them ready wirhin a record time (2 days) to enable the completion before 30th June (generally this process takes a week). This was despite the fact that they were already overloaded with other clients who had to complete the sale before the deadline.
sadie tiplady
sadie tiplady
Grace handled our house purchase brilliantly. If she hadn’t been so diligent she would have missed something the other solicitors had not done correctly and cost us a lot of money and stress. Thank you 😊

Frequently Asked Questions

There is often no fixed completion date in a new build contract. You will get a minimum of 10 days notice from the builder that the house is complete.

Instead of buying from a prior owner, you’ll be purchasing from a builder. You are buying on the basis of plans rather than an already built property. It’s a leap of faith, so we advise having a good new build conveyancer by your side to help things run more smoothly.

Your new build property will come with a series of warranties, including protection against structural defects that lasts up to ten years. We can talk you through these. If you ever need assistance, we’re never more than a phone call away.