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If you’re considering buying a new build property but want to learn more about what new build conveyancing entails, turn to PDR Property Lawyers! We’re one of the top property lawyers in Peterborough which can answer your new build conveyancing questions. We know from experience that new property conveyancing can be complex, so allow us to walk you through everything you need to know before committing to a new build home.

At PDR Property Lawyers, our specialist new build conveyancing Lawyers have the experience and legal expertise required to turn a complicated process into one that is taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Buying a new propery can be complex, as it is necessary to pore over numerous legal documents and agreements and understand the law surrounding the likes of plot purchases and planning permission.

Put our legal experts in charge of conveyancing for your new build and reduce the time it takes to become the lawful owner of your property. Call us on 01733 203873 or complete our online enquiry form.

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What is New Build Conveyancing?

New build conveyancing refers to the work that has to be carried out to legally transfer the ownership of a new build property to the appropriate people.

The vast majority of people – for new builds and existing properties – instruct a Property Lawyer to carry out the conveyancing, because of the sheer amount of paperwork and jargon involved. Mortgage lenders often insist on a specialist property lawyer completing the process on the buyer’s behalf.

Here at PDR Property Lawyers, our specialist property lawyers offer our clients a mix of expertise and sincerity, making us ideally placed to take care of your new build conveyancing needs. Our specialists are uniquely approachable and dedicated to resolving clients’ issues with the minimum of hassle and cost.

The Consumer Code for Home Builders

The first thing you should research is The Consumer Code for Home Builders. This code aims to make the home-buying process fair and transparent for all involved. You’ll learn what service you can expect from your builder, plus your rights as a buyer both before and after purchase. Everything is designed to help you feel fully informed before purchasing property so it’s absolutely worth a read.

What to Confirm & Review

When planning to move into a new build home you must first confirm that the property and its boundaries are what and where you agreed they’d be before you exchange contracts. The show house you toured may differ in key areas from the actual house you’re purchasing.

Please keep in mind that a builder’s standard sale contract gives him or her the right to make slight adjustments not only to your house’s boundaries and exterior, but also interior aspects such as the internal layout structure, decorative furnishings and kitchen/bathroom appliances. This is why it’s crucial to review your contract to ensure that your new build property is built exactly how you originally stated.

It’s also important to note that builders are only responsible for installing electricity, telecoms and sometimes gas in a new build home. They are not required to connect them, therefore you may have to pay to have your equipment connected. Be sure to check your contract to see if your builder will only install, not connect, your services.

Do not rely on verbal assurances when discussing your new build home specifications. Tell your new build conveyance lawyer what has been agreed upon and we’ll work with the builder’s lawyers should a dispute occur.

New Build Home Warranties

All new build homes tend to come with a 10-year warranty from National House Building Council (NHBC), Premier Guarantee or other providers, This warranty ensures that:

  1. Your deposit will be protected should your builder go bankrupt
  2. You receive a 2-year limited warranty from your builder that ensures that his or her work meets the requirements of your warranty. If their work does not, you can make a claim against your builder for up to two years.
  3. You’re covered from any structural defects for up to 10 years. Structural damage can include:
    • Foundation
    • Walls
    • Staircases
    • Retaining Walls
    • Below-ground Storage
    • Double Glazing

You will not be covered from:

  • Title Conflicts
  • Electrical Issues
  • Kitchen or Bathroom Fittings
  • Minor Snags
  • Shrinking

Important Deadlines

Buying a new build property takes time, so be sure to plan accordingly. Below are a few important timelines to note when preparing for new build conveyancing:

  • It takes roughly four weeks for the exchange of contracts to be completed.
  • Lenders take on average over four weeks to issue mortgage offers.
  • For floating completion dates, the legal completion of a property is 10 days after the builder communicates that the property has been built.

Suggestions & Advice

In terms of advice, we really suggest two things:

  • Put a clause in your purchase contract that requires your builder to do what is necessary to guarantee the local water company and highway authority adopt the roads and drains on your new build property estate. This ensures that you don’t fall victim to flooding damage or potholes. Don’t settle for title insurance because it prevents you from making a claim against road or water damage!
  • Avoid agreeing to a conditional exchange with your builder. A conditional exchange tends to be up to interpretation and can lead to more disagreements than it’s worth.

Enjoy personal new build conveyancing at PDR Property Lawyers starting from just £399 plus VAT and disbursements. Contact us to discuss your new build property goals and enjoy regular updates by phone and/or in writing today!

Company I Can Rely On

I have used PDR Property Lawyers a few times as I am a property investor - it is important for me to use a local company I can rely on. I have always found Michelle and her staff to be very helpful, someone always returns my calls and although they cannot always respond quickly to my emails I do get a response within 48 hours. I like Michelle's no nonsense approx, Michelle is always totally honest in relation to having a realistic expectation as to when my matter will exchange and complete. I have no hesitation in recommending PDR Property Lawyers - I often recommend them to my friends and family.
- Julie Anderson

Happily Use Again

Used this firm to buy a house and found them very pleasant and easy to deal with. They kept me updated and persevered when things got held up due to no fault of theirs. Would happily use them again.
- Fiona Winter

Fabulous Company

Fabulous company to work with. Michelle Rickard (the boss!) is truly a star and her staff are second to none. They ALWAYS pick up the phone, they ALWAYS get back to you, and they work incredibly hard, under immense pressure to get the job done. I sold a property recently, and because they knew how important it was to get the sale sorted quickly, they undertook the conveyancing at super speed - nothing was too much trouble! Would have no hesitation in recommending this company. Have dealt with many different conveyancer's over the years, and this company are about as good as it gets!
- Bertie Edwards

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