Equity Transfer Services

What is Property Equity Transfer?

If you currently own property with one or more co-owners and you either wish to buy out that person’s interest, or they want to sell their interest to you, then this is known as an equity transfer service. In these cases, we cannot provide our equity transfer services for both parties.

Where you have a mortgage on the property normally the party transferring the interest in the property will require releasing from the mortgage conditions and debt.

Methods of completing Property Equity Transfer

  • Discharge the existing mortgage from monies from your own resources
  • Obtain consent from your current lender to transfer the property and make an application for a further advance where required for the “buy out”.
  • Re-mortgage your property and borrow sufficient funds to discharge the existing mortgage and any surplus required for the “buy out”.

Property ownership from a sole name into joint or multiple names

  • When changing a property from a sole name into joint or multiple names or simply adding more names to the deeds of a property this is the process a conveyancer or property lawyer UK may follow:
  • Review the title deeds or a copy of the property deeds from the Land Registry to prepare for an equity transfer
  • Prepare the transfer deed.
  • Notify any additional parties like mortgage lenders or secured lenders, banks or building societies. Any third party like this must give their written consent to the deed transfer
  • Register the deed transfer at the Land Registry. A Land Registry fee is payable
  • Check the identity of the clients as it is a legal requirement.

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Reasons For Equity Transfer

The same basic legal process as mentioned above is followed. If names need to be removed from your property deed this may be as a result of an unsettled dispute. In cases like these one conveyancer may not be able to act for all the parties involved because there will most likely be a conflict of interest. Each person must find an independent lawyer so that independent advice can be given.

When two people get married, if they own two houses, they often decide on one matrimonial home and therefore it makes sense to transfer the matrimonial home into joint names. This is referred to as a Transfer of Equity. Usually the person being added to the property deeds will not pay full price for their share in the property as such the law see this transfer of deeds or transfer of equity as a gift. This is also sometimes referred to as a transaction at an under value.

After a divorce the divorcees may have to transfer their share in a jointly owned property back so that only one of them legally owns the property. This is also called a Transfer of Equity and might also be seen by law as a gift. There are, however, other circumstances, such as if a court order has been instructed, where the law will not see this transfer of equity as a gift. Also if full price has been paid for the property share the law will not see this transfer of equity as a gift either.

Accountants will often advise property owners to make a transfer of equity to their children or other family members. This financial sharing of the home can be more tax efficient and it is also referred to as a transfer of equity and might also be seen in law as a gift.
Even though a transfer of equity may be seen on the surface as a simple process people can forget that it is a legal one. Legally a transfer of equity can be complex and you should always get professional legal advice from a qualified lawyer.

Why PDR Property for Equity Transfer Services?

By trusting your transfer of equity to PDR Property Lawyers, you’ll get:

  • Fees that start from £349 plus VAT and disbursements
  • The whole process explained from the start
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff
  • Regular updates by phone and/or in writing as your case progresses.

Transfer of Equity can be a little confusing. But with over 10 years experience we can help to ensure your Equity Transfer runs smoothly and efficiently.

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