5 Reasons to Choose PDR Property Lawyers

When you’re home buyer or home seller, getting the results you need requires expert help.

Here are just 5 great reasons to let our Specialist Property Lawyers UK handle your conveyancing requirements:

1. We only “do” property

Unlike a high street solicitor, our focus and expertise is exclusively property. Your transaction will never be delayed because we have to undertake other legal duties.

And because we deal with buying and selling properties day in, day out, we’ve got the systems, processes and fully qualified lawyers in place to ensure that your transaction goes without a hitch.

2. You’ll pay a fixed fee: guaranteed

We know what it takes to undertake conveyancing on different types of property, so we can offer you a fixed fee, and we guarantee not to increase it for any reason.

The last thing you need when you’re buying or selling your home, some land or any type of property is nasty surprises, so we’ll make sure you know exactly what you’ll be investing, right from day one. We’ve even created a bank details checker so you can verify our bank details before sending over any conveyancing fees. We’re always thinking about your security and peace of mind.

3. We’ll talk to you!

Ever known the frustration of trying to track down a lawyer? It’s not fun!

PDR Property Lawyers are committed to staying in touch with you right through your buying or selling experience… and when we speak to you, we’ll do it in simple, plain English that doesn’t baffle you with jargon.

After all, you’re our client… not the other way around!

4. National coverage, no attendance required

Whether you’re buying or selling a property in Land’s End or John O’Groats (or anywhere in between), our national coverage conveyancing means we can deliver you the same fantastic service.

We don’t need to attend your premises to give you the help you need, so there’s no “distance premium” or delay in service. Just call us on 01733 203873 or get your online conveyancing quote to get started. Our services are popular in Peterborough, Cambridge, Essex – read our areas we serve page for more information.

 5. Guaranteed No Sale – No Fee

Nobody likes paying money for something they don’t receive. We certainly don’t!

So if for any reason your property transaction does not proceed to completion, you won’t pay us a penny: guaranteed. Don’t risk your money elsewhere… call PDR Property Lawyers today on 01733 203873 or contact us here for a no-obligation chat about how we can help you.

What are Licensed Conveyancers?

A Licensed Conveyancer is a Specialist Property Lawyer, someone who is trained and qualified in all aspects of the law dealing with transferring the ownership of a house, flat or piece of land from one person to another.

Licensed Conveyancers most commonly deal with sales, purchases and remortgages but also provide many other services such as Transfer of Equity and Commercial work.

The profession of Licensed Conveyancers effectively started in May 1987, when the first licenses were issued. It was born out of the Administration of Justice Act 1985, which allowed conveyancing services, which had previously been the sole preserve of solicitors, to be provided by Licensed Conveyancers.

Licensed Conveyancers are regulated by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) – the statutory regulatory body in England and Wales.

We take care of our clients… let us take care of you!