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Getting on the property ladder is a very big step and can be a confusing and scary time. With lots of phrases being thrown around and a number of life changing decisions to make you can be left feeling very overwhelmed. PDR Property Lawyers are here to help you through your new venture and to help the confusion a little we have explained some of the services we offer and how we can help you.

New Builds

With new build properties comes extensive legal documents to go through from planning permission to plot purchasing. PDR Property Lawyers can carry out the conveyancing that is required on new build properties to transfer the ownership of the property to the buyers. Mortgage Lenders often insist on specialist property lawyers for conveyancing as the agreements are so in depth it requires a lot of experience and knowledge in the industry.

Help to buy

Help to buy is a government scheme which was introduced to help get people onto the property ladder. There are certain requirements you need to meet to be eligible for the scheme which are having at least a 5% deposit, be looking to buy a home worth less than £600,000 and for the intention for you to live in the home as a primary residence, not a second home nor buying to let.

Right to buy

Right to buy is a scheme which gives the right to a majority of council tenants to buy their council home at a discounted price. The scheme varies on where the house is but generally in England you can apply to buy the house you are renting if it is your only or main home, it is self-contained and you are a secure tenant who has had a public sector for 3 years, although not necessarily consecutive.

The team at PDR Property Lawyers are fully trained and experts in new build conveyancing and the help to buy and right to buy schemes. Contact us for more information on the aforementioned and how we can take the confusion out of your legal house matters and ensure you are benefitting from assistance from the government where applicable.

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