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When purchasing a new home there is a lot you need to consider. This is why we recommend that you work with professional property lawyers who can help you through the maze of new build property conveyancing.

In this blog post we have listed some of the things that you need to consider when purchasing a new home.

Planning Permission

The local authority will set out conditions in the planning permission document. These will be things that the local authority can enforce against you as the new owner. A copy of this planning permission will be sent to you for approval before the exchange of contracts. It is essential that you carefully check this document against the original planning application and when you visit the property.

When the property is completed you need to check that all the conditions laid out in the planning permission have been met, before exchanging contracts.

Check All Plans, Layouts, Finishes & Specifications

Before the exchange of contracts and before completion you need to check that the property you are intending to purchase and move into is the one on the contract and transfer. We recommend that you double check the position of the boundaries. You should also check the parking spaces, driveways, paths and fences are in the right place around your property.

Check the Plot

You may have walked around a show house before purchasing your new home. Make sure that the plot reservation you chose is the same one that you are buying. You need to carefully check the contracts and transfer plans that are sent to you. We strongly recommend that you do not assume anything, especially if you purchased your new home ‘off plan’.

On checking the contracts and transfers, if you find anything that you think may be wrong, get it checked by a conveyancer straight away. If these issues arise later you may not be able to register your property at Land Registry.

In many cases, we have found that builders make changes without telling anyone. In other cases, mistakes are made and hidden. We have even come across cases where the buyers have moved into your wrong home!

Standards Sale Contract

The builder’s standard sale contract will often give the builder the right to make minor changes. These changes could include things like variations to boundaries, fences, internal layouts, external appearance, decorative finishes, bathroom and kitchen equipment for example. Make sure you take the time to compare your property with the specification you originally reserved. You need to ensure your property includes everything you expected.

What to Do If You Are Not Happy

If there are variations you’re not happy with you need to speak to the builder directly in the first instance. Then contact a professional property lawyer to confirm what was agreed. They can then confirm this with the builders’ solicitor’s so you are not relying on verbal assurances. If these things are not checked or reported before contracts are exchanged you may be committed to buying something that is not what you expected.

How Can PDR Property Lawyers Help?

If you need help with checks and someone to guide you through the maze of new build property conveyancing then contact us directly. The professional team here at PDR work hard to ensure you get the new build property that you dream of.


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